Inês Nunes




The word drifts from cu (ass, in Portuguese), of Latin origin cults that means ânus (anus) and from Eca of Greek origin meaning residence.

They are underwear pieces covering and protecting the genitalia. The underwear for women have always emphasized the sexuality and for men the function and protection, according to the body shape.

This project emerged in 2011, on the search of shapes for rings and bracelets that started from a structure of conventional underwear for men where they were explored and experienced in several painted metallic supports and different kinds of rubber from several shapes of women underwear.

The two-dimensional shape of underwear for men is used as a reference to make the classic signet ring. With it, the potential of this object is tryed-out and the outcome is a ring and bracelets collection with different dimensions, materials and colors.

“The contemporary jewelry as an knowledge area is not closed in on itself. Is multidisciplinary and put theirself in the area of visual arts. It must react, answer and satisfy the need of the creator, the user and the one who looks at it. My first point when I create jewelry is adding something new, that reacts people who look at it, who feel it and who use it. Is not the value of the material that is at stake, but the identity between body and jewel. 

I question the body boundaries and jewel as a resident of this place. Is that reflexion that I look forward to answer and understand on contemporary jewelry, in a context of scientific development, environmental, social and economical issues.”

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