Jil Koehn


Inspired by surrealism and nature, I design jewelry in the field

of the tension between art and design. The basis of my work is


the exploration of imaginary places and the transfer of atmo-



With wood, plants and gemstones I create compositions that


have an earthly and at the same time supernatural appearan-

ce. In doing so, I explicitly use artificial materials and energetic


colors to create a high contrast between reality and imaginati-

on. The results are surreal dreamy objects that seem to spring


from the nature of another world.

My jewelry acts as a means of communication between me

and the world as well as between the wearer and the viewer.


It is designed to arouse amazement, to delight, to stimula-

te imagination and to abduct you into surreal worlds. At the


same time, my jewelry provokes a confrontation with personal

utopias and raises the question of a world in which we would

like to live in - quietly thinking or concretely communicating.

My goal is to create moments of aesthetic experience as an

enrichment of digital everyday life.

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