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Maria Alves de Lima


Maria Alves de Lima started studying jewelry at AjoRio - Associação de joalheiros do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro Jewelers Association) in 1994. Former student in Communication and Arts at USP, brings to contemporary jewelry her experience in dance, as dancer and teacher, in theater, in cinema and in advertising worked as assistant director, costume designer, producer and art director on many projects to important producers and studios for 17 years. In 1998 produced, was assistant director and first assistant camera on the movie Passageiro da Agonia, a documentary about Bispo do Rosário.

Among exhibitons and projects that have participated in jewelry and visual arts, are: 

Mercedes Viegas Arte Contemporânea/Performance--RJ; Galeria Mercedes Viegas – Escultura /
Módulos Cônicos – RJ; Guilda – joalheria contemporânea – Fitas Molas - RJ; O Banquete–joalheria contemporânea- Processos RJ; Galeria Francini-SP; Premio H Stern – RJ; Galeria Hipótese – Barcelona, Jota Desing – Orbitas - RJ, Electrum Gallery- A Form of Perfection: Geometry - Londres; Casa Museu do Objeto Brasileiro – Projeto corrente - SP; En Construcción I Simposio de Joyeria Contemporánea – Argentina – En Construccion II Simpósio de Joyeria Contemporánea – Chile; Galeria casa E – expo Re-Trato/ Grupo Broca - Chile; Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes – Broquinhas / Cérebro– Lisboa; Galeria

Virgílio – Re-trato – células/Grupo Broca. - SP

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