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Marina Sheetikoff



With jewelry, I found a field where I can manage all the process of construction, lining up ancient crafts techniques, digital design and industrial production, reaching into new territories of expression.

In 2001, I began to explore the use of niobium in jewelry. Its unique metallic colors, are related to highlights of colors in nature as sunset, rainbow, insects and plants. In contrast, the industrial and strong aspect of the metal, references to urban places, which are also a part of my surroundings.

Niobium, 100% hypoallergenic, improved presence in my studio on the latest years, and today, mostly of my pieces, are made of, or in combination with this metal.

Jewelry is a way that I express ideas, a form of visual communication. Some of my jewelry collections, arise from a narrative, and invites the wearer to create it's own story with the piece.

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