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Miriam Castro


"For me, Bauty and Preciousness are where we found them. They don’t need to have some monetary value. In most cases it’s absent and it is more like a way to recognize with the unconscious, from something that we like.

I recovery objects most of times from my own cultural environment. The urban waste. To this process joins an interest and passion for classical jewelry, popular and ethnical. This interests are one of the keys of my work. I belong to a tribe too. A urban tribe.

The objects that I collect are in a way a reflection of my own human and cultural condition. The waste that nobody wants. Used little pieces of life.

These can be any type of object or material.

I work with common things, putting them on a new look and changing the way we know them.

Reinventing and changing the objects to make them suit in my purpose, as an artist, giving them a second life."

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