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Sofia Björkman


"I live in Stockholm, Sweden. After my MA degree in 1998 I started the gallery PLATINA which opened for public 1999. Since then I have been 
working as a jewelry artist and curator with all kind of projects that creates scenes for the jewelry field. I believe in jewelry that fascinates, 
annoys and tickles. I makes jewelry that questions unwritten structures, and show jewelry that attracts others to think and feel. I wear jewelry 
that loads my batteries, and illustrates my thoughts, discuss jewelry that may seem strange to the viewer and sell jewelry stunned or strengthen 
people's feelings. I think of jewelry as miniatures of life's content and dream of jewelry with subliminal messages."

What has the bird done?
Técnica: desenho tridimensional
Material: PLA, prata

"I told a friend that I find it difficult to make something that looks wild and he replied: I went out to look for horns, and when I came back I found everything in a mess. I wonder what the bird has done. Afterwards, I made some jewelry pieces and showed them to a photographer. The photographer asked: what have you done? and I answered: I wonder what the bird has done. Can you tell me?"

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