Yafit Ben Meshulam


I’d like to invite you into a world of intrigue and imagination. In this world, I see my jewels as unique three-dimensional objects, each containing the shell of an element that once existed… and now in its place, the lacuna - just a memory of what once was. 

The unique shapes of my designs were formed as if I removed a “frozen moment” from a step in the design process. Space remains between the material that originally was and the shape that came to be. With your imagination, this space allows a glimpse into the elements that were whisked away and hidden during this intriguing “frozen moment”.

In each collection I use a variety of techniques and technologies, which give expression to the concept of my designs. I meticulously add textures, colors and finishes to the 3d prints and casted jewelry, so that the surface and interior spaces are decorated by the small details.



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