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Maria Ignacia Walker


Maria Ignacia Walker was trained as a jeweler and her interest for the human body is expressed through different artistic disciplines. She approaches art by working with metal, experimenting with material, using her artisanship to make jewelry, body pieces, objects and installations.

She is currently based in Florence.


Artist Statement

Through wearable art, I have found a way of communicating, conveying, remembering and rethinking what we are and once were. My pieces are the fruit of an intimate exchange with my body, which involves exploring old memories, bodily losses and constant renewal. I feel deeply captivated by the body’s physical and psychological ability to store and abandon. What do we hold on to and what do we forget? In my work, I contemplate what the body preserves. Freezing the cycles of these processes to produce objects that honor the parts of us that have perished. Seeing what’s regenerated or cast aside instead. I create with skin, cells and hair, elements that are subject to day-to-day renewal and that are linked to our ethereal beings.

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