Hand Piece.

Jesus Fail, 2020


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Driftwood beach and fishing line


“One day, I was on a bus on the Trans-Amazon highway (built between 1969 and 1974,

which nearly led to the extermination of the Kagwahiva people) going for a few days of

research in a Tenharim village.

At a certain moment, the driver looked at me and said, enthusiastically: - Look! The Pirahã

sometimes appear around here! -Pirahã? (I asked) -The Pirahãs are very short, and when they

see you they touch and laugh endlessly.

Since then, knowing more about the Pirahãs has become a life goal.

I needed to know more about this.

I discovered some special details: among the approximately 200 indigenous languages ​​still

spoken in Brazil today, this group of approximately 350 individuals resists our Portuguese

language and customs. They emit sounds and whistle to communicate like no other. Their

language does not have numbers, there are only three vowels and eight consonants, and they

have no verbs for past and future. Just for the present.

This language has no relation to any other existing language

These people believe only in what they can see, feel or touch.

They smile often.

A Christian missionary spent 7 years living among them, with the goal of converting them to


Today he is an atheist.

I don't know the Pirahãs.

I need to know more about this.



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