Caixa Territorial

Ferro e látex (bexiga)

Tamanho: 14 X 12 X 10cm


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In Brazil, more than 11 million people live in favelas (slums), where

the precariousness of the buildings reveals one of the most unequal countries in the


It is important to reflect on what kind of territory we have built, with

polarized density standards in all these years of existence as a country. On the one

hand, a logic of capitalist domination reigns, expelling and compelling countless

families to build their own homes in increasingly dense areas and away from large

centers; on the other hand, increasingly wealthy elites enjoy the power to live in the

“legal” city.

In this perspective, the Territorial Box was developed as a proposal

for reflection on the pressure and population density existing in the Brazilian

territory, which reproduces an aggressive system of oppression in the form of housing.

JOANA GABOS| Broche Caixa Territorial

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