The Origin of Life



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"My work has always been very experimental. Recently, I started testing and learning the art of

glass blowing, and I was enchanted by this piece, which reminds me of a heart.

Thinking the color red as LIFE / DEATH, I started to work on the concept that would give details

to this piece. The idea of life pulsating in a cycle (blood) is present in the circular and hollow

shape of the work.

The curves at the top of the piece, surrounded by silver fillets, allude to the belly / breast of a

progenitor when life is being generated. At the end of the first silver fillet, there is an intersection

with a second fillet, creating the design of two spreading legs, in reference to Gustave Courbet's

work: The Origin of the World. In the middle, my signature is made through a ruby navete, which

represents the moment when a life is generated: the encounter, the fertilization.

Inside the piece, real red flowers were placed to reinforce life's signification by its red. The dryness process that will happen to them over time, makes a parallel between the constant

human maturation, whatever it is physical or ideal.

The vitrified flowers, especially the orchid, is a strong symbol of my creations, to me, they make

reference to the vulva and feminine. Here, it blooms in a poetic way and germinates as a form of

strength and resistance"

MARIAH ROVERY | The Origin of Life

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