Polímero e metal




In this time of confinement, we are all reduced to our territory. i couldn't stop thinking about our real and virtual life issues and how to make connections to this new reality we live in. a new notion of territory, a new relationship of time and space where we seek new formats. a new body  that dialogues through different possibilities of connection, giving life to new formats and poetically establishing the concept of borders and belonging, realizing that everything is connected , and the movement of one affects the movement of all.

the elements employed in the manufacture of the pieces are created in three-dimensional printing out of high-resistance polymer and are dyed with water-based red pigment. a malleable "fabric" is formed through 3d printing that combines links, reinterpretating the use of chain mail. delicate and flexible thanks to the material used, the mail can be manually joined together with metal connections, referencing the material used in the past. the links are printed and connected so that they become malleable, and the connections allow the piece to become in contact with the body of those who use it, acquiring new contours.



R$ 4.189,00Preço