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Elena Simou


Elena Simou was born in Athens in 1987.

She is an Architectural Interior Designer and she loves crafts.

When she finished her studies in Vakalo Art&Design College she knew she had the need to learn a new art where she could use

her hands to create something unique.

She decided to go to Anamma Studio in order to attend the Seminars of Contemporary Jewelry with Anastasia Kandaraki (my teacher).This period she had the opportunity to participate in

group in exhibitions in Athens.

Currently she lives and works in Athens with passion.



The need to scream was growing.

It was growing so much and it was searching the way to be released.

The way to be relieved the way to be saved.

This prison was just a beam of light shining to guide you to the

uphill path you yearned to taste.

Timidly and courageously began this journey.

One moment is enough.

A dive into the depths of the mind and soul...

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