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Jeong Hwa Lee


An unbelievably large hole accidentally discovered through the Internet, diamond

mines. The trace had a wonderful scale and a finely calculated staircase structure.

The working environment of the diamond mine and the dark back of the mine,

known as the Blood Diamond, were found in the article, which changed the

traditional idea beautifully packed with ornaments. I made a clay brooch with the

assumption that the gemstone was mined and the remaining empty space was filled

with earth again. The brooch is made of a brooch with a silicone frame on the

gemstone, a blank space filled with white and black clay once again, and a light

clay brooch contrasting with the weight visually displayed. The shapes of the

jewels that have soared through the feel of the earth provide another pleasure to

the viewer.

Looking for traces of nature and looking at nature with healing eyes embody my

love for the Earth that I want to express through my work. The 1 carat ring series

is an expression of approaching the true beauty of the deep ground and of the

feeling of sympathy for healing nature.

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